Saturday, August 20, 2016

The reason behind Trump's presidential run

Trump doesn't want to release his tax returns not because it would show him not paying any taxes (which he probably doesn't), but rather it would expose how far his wealth hyperbole is from reality and thereby damaging his brand.

At the core of Trump "empire" is his "brand" and his ability to sell it to partners and debt holders. His presidential run promotes this brand, whether he wins or not. I bet that he will comment how, once he has lost the election, he actually won as the run didn't cost him much money, that he reaped major business deals from it, and that the exposure he got made him richer.

So, when Trump says something that resonates with people, it isn't because he believes it, it is because it gathers support for the Trump brand. That is why he is short on details but high on claims; he is the master of selling sizzle over steak...

This is also what makes an eventual Trump win dangerous: a narcissistic man willing to do whatever is necessary to build his persona. We have example of those types of men leading nations right now in Russia, China, North Korea.

That would not be a recipe for a stable world, nor for a great America...