Sunday, August 14, 2016

Samsung S7, iPhone6+, and Sony RX100 M2 Low-light shootout

We set out to compare the new Samsung S7 with the iPhone 6+, adding the Sony RX100 M2, and the Canon GX7 for reference. Unfortunately, some problems with the lens on the GX7 forced me to exclude its shots (basically, pictures taken were blurry even in broad daylight).

In any case, it seems that Samsung now takes the prize for best low-light Smartphone camera, and we are getting very close to the day when there will be no need to carry around a good-quality point-and-shoot to get decent night shots.

Picture 1. iPhone6+
Picture 1. Samsung S7
Picture 1. Sony RX100 M2
Picture 1. Zoomed comparison
Picture 2. iPhone 6+
Picture 2. Samsung S7
Picture 2. Sony RX100 M2
Picture 2. The iPhone6+'s shows its limits. S7 performs quite well.
The RX100, as expected, keeps the most accurate level of details